Darcy Bergen: Tips for Saving During Retirement

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Saving During Retirement
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Darcy Bergen currently operates as the President of Clear Solutions for Seniors. Well aware of the financial hurdles that seniors face today, Darcy Bergen continues to advise and educate on wealth transfer strategies, trusts, and safe money concepts, among other related topics. Some tips for saving during retirement include:

1. Check your cell phone plan and see if you qualify for a free plan, which is available in select states. Also consider removing a landline and just using a mobile phone to save money.

2. If you use Medicare, assistance programs through this organization can help to decrease prescription costs on a monthly basis.

3. Talk to a financial professional to learn how to leverage home equity to your advantage and remain independent.

4. Always take advantage of senior discounts, which are becoming more and more available at stores, centers, and online shops around the country. Many retailers offer deeper discounts on certain days of the week, and it never hurts to ask.

5. Look into decreasing property tax payouts with work-off programs and others specialized packages.

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Darcy Bergen

Darcy Bergen serves as a finance executive and entrepreneur.

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