The Bergen’s Mission Charity

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Bergen’s Mission

Darcy Bergen is the president of Bergen Financial Group in Mesa, Arizona. In this capacity, Darcy Bergen provides financial advice to seniors and hosts finance workshops throughout Arizona. Outside of work, he also serves as the treasurer of the Bergen’s Mission Charity.

The Bergen’s Mission Charity is an organization that was established following a 2008 attack on John and Eloise Bergen. The couple endured a near-fatal assault and robbery at the hands of eight men in rural Kenya. At the time of the attack, John and Eloise were four months into a mission to help orphaned children. The couple made headlines for choosing to remain in Kenya after their long recovery, despite the horrors that they experienced. They also publicly forgave their attackers during the course of their recovery. The local police managed to find and arrest all of the men involved.

The Bergens are now back home in Canada. They wrote a book about their mission in Kenya, and they often speak about the 2008 attack and their subsequent recovery at special functions.

To learn more about the Bergen’s Mission Charity, visit


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Darcy Bergen

Darcy Bergen serves as a finance executive and entrepreneur.

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