Bergen’s Mission and Forgiveness in the Face of Terror

Bergen’s Mission Image:
Bergen’s Mission


Darcy Bergen is responsible for educational financial workshops in his capacity as the president of Bergen Financial Group. Moreover, Darcy Bergen serves as the treasurer of Bergen’s Mission, a charitable organization that supports the missionary work of John and Eloise Bergen. In addition to making direct donations to the organization, individuals can purchase the book, Forgiveness in the Face of Terror, which chronicles John’s and Eloise’s near-fatal experience in Kenya.

John and Eloise traveled to Kenya in 2008 to do missionary work with orphans. During their stay, a group of men broke into their home and assaulted and robbed them. They had great difficulty finding medical assistance and almost lost their lives. The two endured great misfortune. However, they experienced immense healing as they forgave their attackers.

Forgiveness in the Face of Terror explores the unique spiritual journey that John and Eloise took on the path to forgiveness. It includes the suffering and shock they experienced in the aftermath of the attack and the hope and joy they subsequently gained. The couple is committed to continuing to serve people in need in Kenya.


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Darcy Bergen

Darcy Bergen serves as a finance executive and entrepreneur.

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