Hope for the Nations’ Projects in Congo and Kenya


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Hope for the Nations
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Darcy Bergen serves as the president of Bergen Financial Group, an investment advisory group that he founded in Arizona. Darcy Bergen applies his financial knowledge outside of the company as the treasurer of Bergen’s Mission, a nonprofit charity organization run by his parents John and Eloise Bergen.

John and Eloise Bergen were associated with Hope for the Nations, a Canadian faith-based nonprofit, which sent them to Kenya to assist local communities through projects tailored specifically for the locale. Despite being brutally attacked in Kenya, the couple wanted to continue serving communities in Kenya. To this day, Hope for the Nations maintains its projects in East Africa, including Justice Rising, the nonprofit’s project in Congo and Kenya.

Justice Rising’s goal is to build a foundation for long-term, sustainable growth in Congo and Kenya. To accomplish this, three schools have been set up in Congo to educated children and develop the next generation of leaders. Given the devastation and trauma caused by war in Congo, Justice Rising also implemented a story-telling movement to encourage children to speak up about their experiences, releasing them from their haunting memories.

In Kenya, education is also a key focus, and a partnership on the coast allows Justice Rising to sponsor early development education for 40 to 50 children. In order to tackle the issue of school-aged girls being sold for sex by their parents, Justice Rising has rescued, relocated, and educated many of these girls to give them better opportunities.


The Inspiration Behind Bergen’s Mission


Bergen’s Mission
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The president of Bergen Financial Group in Phoenix, Darcy Bergen dedicates much of his time to serve as the treasurer of Bergen’s Mission. As the son of the organization’s founders, Darcy Bergen works to support its continuing outreach work.

Bergen’s Mission arose out of a severe attack that befell its founders, John and Eloise Bergen. The couple had journeyed from Vernon, British Columbia, to Kenya to perform missionary work and had been serving through Hope for the Nations when the event occurred.

The attack took place at the Bergen’s home, where a group of eight invaders beat the couple and raped Mrs. Bergen. Drawing on the strength of her faith, however, she escaped her ties and found her husband, whom she then drove to Hope for the Nations’ central compound for help.

Since that day, the Bergens have recovered, and their attackers have come under arrest. The Bergens have publicly forgiven all eight perpetrators and fully intend to continue their work in Kenya, though with higher levels of security. They relate the full story of their ordeal and path to forgiveness in a full-length book.

Bergen’s Mission Turns Tragedy into Charity

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Bergen’s Mission
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An accomplished entrepreneur and financial executive based in Phoenix, Arizona, Darcy Bergen serves as president of Bergen Financial Group and as an independent consultant for Bell & Associates. Active in several nonprofit organizations, Darcy Bergen is treasurer of Bergen’s Mission, a charitable foundation that supports children who have been orphaned and other Kenyan youth in need.

Founded by Canadian missionaries John and Eloise Bergen, the foundation raises funds to provide essential resources for orphanages in Kenya, as well as to support general development in the region. The founders established the foundation after a brutal home invasion by nine armed men left them severely injured. The couple, who had been working for the Canadian group Hope for the Nations, remained committed to serving as missionaries and improving the quality of life for Kenyans.

To share their own story of recovery and healing, the couple wrote Forgiveness in the Face of Terror, which is available on www.bergensmission.com or at www.amazon.com.

The Bergen’s Mission Charity

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Bergen’s Mission
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Darcy Bergen is the president of Bergen Financial Group in Mesa, Arizona. In this capacity, Darcy Bergen provides financial advice to seniors and hosts finance workshops throughout Arizona. Outside of work, he also serves as the treasurer of the Bergen’s Mission Charity.

The Bergen’s Mission Charity is an organization that was established following a 2008 attack on John and Eloise Bergen. The couple endured a near-fatal assault and robbery at the hands of eight men in rural Kenya. At the time of the attack, John and Eloise were four months into a mission to help orphaned children. The couple made headlines for choosing to remain in Kenya after their long recovery, despite the horrors that they experienced. They also publicly forgave their attackers during the course of their recovery. The local police managed to find and arrest all of the men involved.

The Bergens are now back home in Canada. They wrote a book about their mission in Kenya, and they often speak about the 2008 attack and their subsequent recovery at special functions.

To learn more about the Bergen’s Mission Charity, visit www.bergensmission.com.