Darcy Bergen: Tips for Saving During Retirement

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Saving During Retirement
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Darcy Bergen currently operates as the President of Clear Solutions for Seniors. Well aware of the financial hurdles that seniors face today, Darcy Bergen continues to advise and educate on wealth transfer strategies, trusts, and safe money concepts, among other related topics. Some tips for saving during retirement include:

1. Check your cell phone plan and see if you qualify for a free plan, which is available in select states. Also consider removing a landline and just using a mobile phone to save money.

2. If you use Medicare, assistance programs through this organization can help to decrease prescription costs on a monthly basis.

3. Talk to a financial professional to learn how to leverage home equity to your advantage and remain independent.

4. Always take advantage of senior discounts, which are becoming more and more available at stores, centers, and online shops around the country. Many retailers offer deeper discounts on certain days of the week, and it never hurts to ask.

5. Look into decreasing property tax payouts with work-off programs and others specialized packages.

Darcy Bergen: Qualities of a Great Manager

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Great Management
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An expert manager and qualified leader, Darcy Bergen serves as the President of Clear Solutions for Seniors. Darcy Bergen has also worked as a Branch Manager at a financial planning firm and has acted as Manager and Owner of Darcy Bergen & Associates.

Every great manager retains certain qualities that make him or her excellent at what they do. While some individuals excel or grow in a variety of areas, most great managers have certain key qualities in common.

Commitment: Without the drive to move a team forward, many managers would fail from the start. Managers who do well, retain the vision and motivation to progress, regardless of obstacles or challenges.

Small Steps for the Big Picture: Almost any manager can learn the ways of delegation; however, knowing how to break down a major goal into smaller, more manageable steps is the mark of a unique and successful leader. Details can be just as important as the end result, so thinking small while keeping in mind the big picture can be a huge asset.

Staying Grounded: Just because a manager wields authority does not mean that they must act or appear superhuman. Employees value a leader who can be themselves, connect to those around them, and not hide behind a veil of workplace power.

Planning Your Retirement: Coping With Shortfalls

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Planning Your Retirement
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As president of Clear Solutions for Seniors, an Arizona-based firm offering financial guidance and planning services specifically for seniors, Darcy Bergen welcomes and answers a wide range of questions about retirement planning. Tackling issues from lifestyle goals to life expectancy, Darcy Bergen helps seniors of all situations visualize and plan for their ideal retirement.

In today’s difficult economic climate, one question is more pressing than ever when it comes to retirement planning: what if I don’t have enough money?

Fortunately, with enough time to plan and prepare, there are several options available to individuals dealing with the challenge of financing their retirement. One category of solutions involves boosting retirement income. Strategies such as delaying retirement or pursuing a phased retirement (continuing to work a certain amount after retiring) mean more pre-retirement income, more pension income, and more time passing before the need to dip into retirement savings arises. Additional options include converting home equity or other assets, particularly valuables that are not used or needed, to savings.

Other solutions deal with the expense side of the equation. Many retirees find that downsizing their homes or moving to a lower cost area go a long way to covering financial shortfalls. Others treat retirement as an opportunity to thoroughly examine their lifestyle and eliminate expenses that are no longer necessary, such as a second car, while at the same time increasing their pursuit of low cost leisure activities.

Discussing Estate Planning With Your Parents

Estate Planning
Estate Planning
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Certified Retirement Financial Advisor Darcy Bergen is accustomed to dealing with sensitive topics in his role as president of Clear Solutions for Seniors, a firm offering financial services for seniors in several Arizona locations. Of these topics, perhaps none are more difficult than the question of estate planning. While it can be difficult for both parents and their adult children to broach this issue, financial experts like Darcy Bergen agree that it is a very important conversation to have.

To help open a discussion about estate planning with your parents, emphasize that your main goal is to better understand their wishes so that you can properly carry them out. The conversation will be easier if it is clear to everyone that your parents are in control and that it is their concerns and wants that are under discussion rather than yours. Timing is also important: initiate the conversation well before a sudden health crisis or emergency adds stress to the situation. If your parents are truly too uncomfortable to discuss the matter with you, encourage them to see a financial planner or other unbiased third party.

Once the conversation is underway, make sure you cover all the important points. In addition to the question of a will, ask your parents about their investments and insurance, power of attorney and living will, and who they would like as their executor. It is also helpful for your parents to show you where they keep their legal papers and other important documents and to let you know the location and contents of bank accounts and safety deposit boxes.