CRFA Educates Financial Advisors via SCRFA – The Retirement Academy

SCRFA - The Retirement Academy pic
SCRFA – The Retirement Academy

Darcy Bergen combines his knowledge of retirement solutions and insurance products as the owner of Bergen Financial Group. In addition, Darcy Bergen also is a Certified Retirement Financial Advisor (CRFA).

The CRFA organization holds accreditation from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. Individuals credentialed as CRFAs maintain a high standard of professional services by completing a comprehensive exam and then by fulfilling a client’s needs, even after they make a sale. CRFAs also are trained in interpreting tax returns, educating clients on a variety of insurance products, and estate planning.

The CRFA organization established SCRFA – The Retirement Academy to support prospective CRFAs. This training program aims to educate future financial advisors and prepare them for careers in the financial services industry. SCRFA – The Retirement Academy teaches students through one-on-one and teleconference sessions, online classes, and live seminars. The academy also provides students with The Professional Retirement Manual, a review guide covering different aspects of retirement. After completing the training program, students are qualified to sit for the CRFA exam.


Financial Solutions Offered at Bergen Financial Group


The Million Dollar Round Table Mentoring Program

Million Dollar Round Table pic
Million Dollar Round Table

For more than a decade, Darcy Bergen has served as president of Peoria’s Bergen Financial Group. Darcy Bergen also holds membership in the Million Dollar Round Table. The organization, a premier forum for financial professionals, has formalized a mentoring program that pairs experienced, committed members with aspiring members.

Under the mentorship program, individuals are matched based on their experiences and talents with the aim of leading them to success or enhancing their existing success. No enrollment fees exist, and individuals can express their interest through a quick process of online enrollment.

One of the major benefits for aspirants is access to the annual meeting. Aspirants must achieve at least 50 percent of member production requirements to attend the meeting for the first time and 75 percent of the requirements to attend it for the second time. In both cases, aspirants must qualify on the basis of their premiums or commissions, not their incomes.

How to Become a Member of the Million Dollar Round Table

Million Dollar Round Table pic
Million Dollar Round Table

Darcy Bergen is a Phoenix, Arizona-based financial professional who provides advisory services to seniors through the Bergen Financial Group, where he serves as president. Darcy Bergen also holds membership in the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), a premier association of financial professionals.

MDRT was established in 1927 and is currently a global association comprising of over 40,000 life insurance and financial services professionals considered to be world leaders. Due to this reputation of excellence, membership to MDRT is a distinction that requires the highest standards in professional knowledge, ethical conduct, and client service.

Requirements for admission vary from country to country. In the United States, there are currently three regular methods of qualification: commission/fee, premium, and income qualification.

In both the commission and premium methods, applicants must reach a minimum amount of eligible commissions/premiums. For commissions, this amount is $93,000, while for premiums the amount to be reached is $186,000. Meanwhile, in order to qualify through the income qualification method, applicants must have at least $160,000 of annual gross income from insurance and financial products, $46,500 of which should have come from new business during the production year.

Membership Benefits of the Million Dollar Round Table

Million Dollar Round Table pic
Million Dollar Round Table

A certified retirement financial advisor, Darcy Bergen has served as president of the Peoria, Arizona-based Bergen Financial Group for more than a decade. To remain current in his field, Darcy Bergen maintains membership with the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT).

For nearly 90 years, MDRT has served the worldwide community of financial services, investment, and life insurance professionals with a wide range of  resources to benefit their businesses. The organization boasts more than 42,000 members from nearly 500 companies across the globe, all of whom enjoy its numerous membership benefits. The following list will cover a few of the resources available to MDRT members throughout the year.

1. Round the Table (RTT) magazine subscription
Since its inception as a four-page publication in 1960, RTT has become MDRT’s official source of tips and business solutions for organization members. Published six times each year, the magazine also provides member profiles, success stories, and market-targeted articles to benefit a wide range of financial professionals.

2. Exclusive meetings
Throughout the year, MDRT holds a number of members-only meetings, such as the MDRT Experience Meeting and Top of the Table Annual Meeting. For those who cannot attend the Annual Meeting, the organization’s website provides “proceedings” that allow members to access detailed information on covered topics.

3. Online professional tools
In MDRT’s members-only section, professionals gain exclusive access to a wide range of podcasts and videos that aid in professional development. This online section also allows members to connect with other financial specialists and build a unique network through which they can acquire and share industry expertise.

Darcy Bergen: Tips for Saving During Retirement

Saving During Retirement pic
Saving During Retirement

Darcy Bergen currently operates as the President of Clear Solutions for Seniors. Well aware of the financial hurdles that seniors face today, Darcy Bergen continues to advise and educate on wealth transfer strategies, trusts, and safe money concepts, among other related topics. Some tips for saving during retirement include:

1. Check your cell phone plan and see if you qualify for a free plan, which is available in select states. Also consider removing a landline and just using a mobile phone to save money.

2. If you use Medicare, assistance programs through this organization can help to decrease prescription costs on a monthly basis.

3. Talk to a financial professional to learn how to leverage home equity to your advantage and remain independent.

4. Always take advantage of senior discounts, which are becoming more and more available at stores, centers, and online shops around the country. Many retailers offer deeper discounts on certain days of the week, and it never hurts to ask.

5. Look into decreasing property tax payouts with work-off programs and others specialized packages.

Planning Your Retirement: Coping With Shortfalls

Planning Your Retirement pic
Planning Your Retirement

As president of Clear Solutions for Seniors, an Arizona-based firm offering financial guidance and planning services specifically for seniors, Darcy Bergen welcomes and answers a wide range of questions about retirement planning. Tackling issues from lifestyle goals to life expectancy, Darcy Bergen helps seniors of all situations visualize and plan for their ideal retirement.

In today’s difficult economic climate, one question is more pressing than ever when it comes to retirement planning: what if I don’t have enough money?

Fortunately, with enough time to plan and prepare, there are several options available to individuals dealing with the challenge of financing their retirement. One category of solutions involves boosting retirement income. Strategies such as delaying retirement or pursuing a phased retirement (continuing to work a certain amount after retiring) mean more pre-retirement income, more pension income, and more time passing before the need to dip into retirement savings arises. Additional options include converting home equity or other assets, particularly valuables that are not used or needed, to savings.

Other solutions deal with the expense side of the equation. Many retirees find that downsizing their homes or moving to a lower cost area go a long way to covering financial shortfalls. Others treat retirement as an opportunity to thoroughly examine their lifestyle and eliminate expenses that are no longer necessary, such as a second car, while at the same time increasing their pursuit of low cost leisure activities.