Membership Benefits of the Million Dollar Round Table

Million Dollar Round Table pic
Million Dollar Round Table

A certified retirement financial advisor, Darcy Bergen has served as president of the Peoria, Arizona-based Bergen Financial Group for more than a decade. To remain current in his field, Darcy Bergen maintains membership with the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT).

For nearly 90 years, MDRT has served the worldwide community of financial services, investment, and life insurance professionals with a wide range of  resources to benefit their businesses. The organization boasts more than 42,000 members from nearly 500 companies across the globe, all of whom enjoy its numerous membership benefits. The following list will cover a few of the resources available to MDRT members throughout the year.

1. Round the Table (RTT) magazine subscription
Since its inception as a four-page publication in 1960, RTT has become MDRT’s official source of tips and business solutions for organization members. Published six times each year, the magazine also provides member profiles, success stories, and market-targeted articles to benefit a wide range of financial professionals.

2. Exclusive meetings
Throughout the year, MDRT holds a number of members-only meetings, such as the MDRT Experience Meeting and Top of the Table Annual Meeting. For those who cannot attend the Annual Meeting, the organization’s website provides “proceedings” that allow members to access detailed information on covered topics.

3. Online professional tools
In MDRT’s members-only section, professionals gain exclusive access to a wide range of podcasts and videos that aid in professional development. This online section also allows members to connect with other financial specialists and build a unique network through which they can acquire and share industry expertise.


Becoming a Certified Retirement Financial Advisor

National Commission for Certifying Agencies pic
National Commission for Certifying Agencies

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Darcy Bergen has worked for more than two decades building a successful career as a financial consultant. As president of Bergen Financial Group, Darcy Bergen maintains accreditation as a certified retirement financial advisor (CRFA).

Recognized by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, CRFA encompasses a network of financial professionals who specialize in a wide range of retirement services. Prior to receiving designation as a CRFA, however, individuals must complete 24 college-level hours of classes that focus on financial services and practical professional tools. Prospective members must then take the organization’s comprehensive computer-based exam at a local testing center. This 100-question exam assesses six areas of expertise, such as retirement investment concepts, tax issues, and social security programs.

Upon receiving admission as a CRFA, members must pledge to follow the organization’s code of ethics, which ensures that they maintain a high standard of professional principles throughout their work. Additionally, members must renew their certification every year and complete 15 total hours of continuing education courses in retirement and ethics.

The Story Behind the Bergen’s Mission Charity

Bergen’s Mission pic
Bergen’s Mission

Darcy Bergen is the managing partner of Bergen Financial Group, a Phoenix-based firm that helps clients with wealth and investment planning. In addition to leading his company, he serves as the treasurer of Bergen’s Mission charity.

Darcy Bergen’s parents, John and Eloise Bergen, are missionary workers with a passion for helping orphans in Kenya. They made headlines in 2008 when their home in Kenya was invaded by a group of nine men with machetes. The attackers maliciously beat the pair, who worked with the Canadian group Hope for the Nations at the time. Despite being bound and beaten, Eloise saved both herself and her husband by getting to a nearby car and driving to the Hope for the Nations complex for help. Fellow missionaries rushed the couple to a hospital for medical assistance. Even though the Bergen’s almost did not survive the ordeal, they continue to work to help people in Kenya.

It is possible to learn more about their perseverance, bravery, and the great work they do by visiting

A Look at Bergen’s Mission

Bergen’s Mission pic
Bergen’s Mission

Darcy Bergen supports Bergen’s Mission, the work of his parents, John and Eloise Bergen, and was inspired by a traumatic ordeal they went through in Kenya. Darcy Bergen and others have drawn inspiration from the Christ-centered message of John and Eloise and from their personal story of suffering and forgiveness.

In 2008, Canadians John and Eloise Bergen were in Kenya working as Christian missionaries among orphans for the group Hope for the Nations. Eloise Bergen was taking a bath at the couple’s home when five intruders entered the bathroom armed with machetes and clubs and assaulted her. Her husband, who was outside the house, was also assaulted by the men.

The attackers left the couple badly injured but still alive, and John and Eloise were forced to leave their house and venture outside seeking help. They were eventually airlifted to Nairobi, where they were initially both in critical condition. They received medical attention for the various injuries they sustained, including multiple fractures and contusions. Their assailants were later arrested, and police learned that the assaults were part of a larger conspiracy that involved the men hired to handle security for the Bergens.

Despite the ordeal, the Bergens both said soon after the attacks that they forgave their attackers. They have continued to do missionary work and tell their story at church meetings and other functions.