Becoming a Certified Retirement Financial Advisor

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National Commission for Certifying Agencies

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Darcy Bergen has worked for more than two decades building a successful career as a financial consultant. As president of Bergen Financial Group, Darcy Bergen maintains accreditation as a certified retirement financial advisor (CRFA).

Recognized by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, CRFA encompasses a network of financial professionals who specialize in a wide range of retirement services. Prior to receiving designation as a CRFA, however, individuals must complete 24 college-level hours of classes that focus on financial services and practical professional tools. Prospective members must then take the organization’s comprehensive computer-based exam at a local testing center. This 100-question exam assesses six areas of expertise, such as retirement investment concepts, tax issues, and social security programs.

Upon receiving admission as a CRFA, members must pledge to follow the organization’s code of ethics, which ensures that they maintain a high standard of professional principles throughout their work. Additionally, members must renew their certification every year and complete 15 total hours of continuing education courses in retirement and ethics.