Becoming a Certified Retirement Financial Advisor

Darcy Bergen

Finance professional Darcy Bergen founded Arizona-based investment advisory firm Bergen Financial Group in 2003. A Certified Retirement Financial Advisor, Darcy Bergen has provided clients with tailor-made solutions to preserve their wealth throughout their lifetime.

Financial advisors who can demonstrate at least three years of experience in the field are eligible to apply for a professional designation as a Certified Retirement Financial Advisor (CRFA). This designation is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

CRFAs are particularly knowledgeable about the financial and insurance products that clients rely on in retirement. Well-informed in different types of retirement plans and how to communicate effectively with seniors, CRFAs are also trained to address concerns often raised by retired clients, such as passing down wealth and minimizing capital gains taxes.

Financial advisors can obtain a CRFA credential after successful completion of a 24-credit course load and a final exam. CRFAs must enroll in 15 hours of ongoing education annually to keep the designation current.

Requirements for Certified Retirement Financial Advisor Designation

Certified Retirement Financial Advisor pic
Certified Retirement Financial Advisor

With more than two decades of experience in financial services, Darcy Bergen works as the president of Bergen Financial Group in Peoria, Arizona. He founded the firm more than 10 years ago. Darcy Bergen is a Certified Retirement Financial Advisor (CRFA).

Issued by the Society of Certified Retirement Financial Advisors, the CRFA designation means that a financial professional has completed an education program dealing with financial issues related to retirement. CRFA applicants must learn about Social security, estate planning, tax issues for retirees, and general retirement principles.

To obtain the CRFA designation, applicants must adhere to these guidelines:

* Secure three years’ working experience in financial services or have specific job skills or classroom training in the financial industry.

* Obtain 24 credits specified in the CRFA candidate application.

* Complete the 100-question, four-hour final examination, which is closed book and proctored, and earn a score of at least 70 to pass.

To maintain certification, individuals must complete 15 continuing education credit hours every year.

CRFA Educates Financial Advisors via SCRFA – The Retirement Academy

SCRFA - The Retirement Academy pic
SCRFA – The Retirement Academy

Darcy Bergen combines his knowledge of retirement solutions and insurance products as the owner of Bergen Financial Group. In addition, Darcy Bergen also is a Certified Retirement Financial Advisor (CRFA).

The CRFA organization holds accreditation from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. Individuals credentialed as CRFAs maintain a high standard of professional services by completing a comprehensive exam and then by fulfilling a client’s needs, even after they make a sale. CRFAs also are trained in interpreting tax returns, educating clients on a variety of insurance products, and estate planning.

The CRFA organization established SCRFA – The Retirement Academy to support prospective CRFAs. This training program aims to educate future financial advisors and prepare them for careers in the financial services industry. SCRFA – The Retirement Academy teaches students through one-on-one and teleconference sessions, online classes, and live seminars. The academy also provides students with The Professional Retirement Manual, a review guide covering different aspects of retirement. After completing the training program, students are qualified to sit for the CRFA exam.

“Steps to Becoming a Certified Retirement Financial Advisor,” by Darcy Bergen

Darcy Bergen, the president of financial advisory firm Clear Solutions for Seniors, holds the title of Certified Retirement Financial Advisor. This elite status recognizes an advisor’s experience and expertise in working with clients planning for or living in retirement.

To become certified, a professional must have at least three years of experience working in the financial services industry or the equivalent in classroom training. Qualified individuals then may take the certification exam, which tests the candidate’s expertise in financial planning for retired persons. The test consists of 100 questions and covers taxes, investments, insurance, and trusts.

Exam questions typically focus on applying financial knowledge to practical situations. The Society of Certified Retirement Financial Advisors grants certification to those candidates who receive a score of 70 percent or above on the four-hour test. Advisors who earn certification must maintain their status through continuing education and an annual pledge of ethical client services.