CRFA Educates Financial Advisors via SCRFA – The Retirement Academy

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SCRFA – The Retirement Academy

Darcy Bergen combines his knowledge of retirement solutions and insurance products as the owner of Bergen Financial Group. In addition, Darcy Bergen also is a Certified Retirement Financial Advisor (CRFA).

The CRFA organization holds accreditation from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. Individuals credentialed as CRFAs maintain a high standard of professional services by completing a comprehensive exam and then by fulfilling a client’s needs, even after they make a sale. CRFAs also are trained in interpreting tax returns, educating clients on a variety of insurance products, and estate planning.

The CRFA organization established SCRFA – The Retirement Academy to support prospective CRFAs. This training program aims to educate future financial advisors and prepare them for careers in the financial services industry. SCRFA – The Retirement Academy teaches students through one-on-one and teleconference sessions, online classes, and live seminars. The academy also provides students with The Professional Retirement Manual, a review guide covering different aspects of retirement. After completing the training program, students are qualified to sit for the CRFA exam.

Financial Solutions Offered at Bergen Financial Group


The Million Dollar Round Table Mentoring Program

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Million Dollar Round Table

For more than a decade, Darcy Bergen has served as president of Peoria’s Bergen Financial Group. Darcy Bergen also holds membership in the Million Dollar Round Table. The organization, a premier forum for financial professionals, has formalized a mentoring program that pairs experienced, committed members with aspiring members.

Under the mentorship program, individuals are matched based on their experiences and talents with the aim of leading them to success or enhancing their existing success. No enrollment fees exist, and individuals can express their interest through a quick process of online enrollment.

One of the major benefits for aspirants is access to the annual meeting. Aspirants must achieve at least 50 percent of member production requirements to attend the meeting for the first time and 75 percent of the requirements to attend it for the second time. In both cases, aspirants must qualify on the basis of their premiums or commissions, not their incomes.

Bergen’s Mission and Forgiveness in the Face of Terror

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Bergen’s Mission


Darcy Bergen is responsible for educational financial workshops in his capacity as the president of Bergen Financial Group. Moreover, Darcy Bergen serves as the treasurer of Bergen’s Mission, a charitable organization that supports the missionary work of John and Eloise Bergen. In addition to making direct donations to the organization, individuals can purchase the book, Forgiveness in the Face of Terror, which chronicles John’s and Eloise’s near-fatal experience in Kenya.

John and Eloise traveled to Kenya in 2008 to do missionary work with orphans. During their stay, a group of men broke into their home and assaulted and robbed them. They had great difficulty finding medical assistance and almost lost their lives. The two endured great misfortune. However, they experienced immense healing as they forgave their attackers.

Forgiveness in the Face of Terror explores the unique spiritual journey that John and Eloise took on the path to forgiveness. It includes the suffering and shock they experienced in the aftermath of the attack and the hope and joy they subsequently gained. The couple is committed to continuing to serve people in need in Kenya.