Hope Transformation Center Empowers through Development


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Hope Transformation Center
Image: hopeforthenations.com

The founder and president of Bergen Financial Group, Darcy Bergen serves as the senior financial advisor out of the firm’s home office in Peoria, Arizona. Outside of his professional pursuits, Darcy Bergen is the treasurer of his family’s nonprofit, Bergen’s Mission, a partner program of the organization Hope for the Nations, which works with aid agencies across Kenya.

Hope for the Nations launched Hope Transformation Center, located in Bungoma, a rural town in Western Kenya. The center’s mission is to improve economic opportunities for the residents of Bungoma and the surrounding areas and to help them achieve self-sufficiency.

In addition, Hope Transformation Center provides training on organic farming practices for various cash crops and connects aspiring entrepreneurs to mentorship, education, and financing opportunities to launch their own sustainable enterprises. In 2015 participants in the local palm oil industry were able to secure a microloan from the center to purchase a machine to boost production. This investment will benefit the community’s economy.

The center also runs several camps that administer medical treatment for common diseases like malaria and tungiasis.