Bergen’s Mission: A Unique Organization Dedicated to Development Projects in Kenya By Darcy Bergen

Bergen’s Mission is a distinctive organization that aims to support orphans and orphanages in Kenya, as well as facilitate development in the region. Some of the organization’s recent goals include providing clean water to orphanages by drilling more wells near their locations. John and Eloise Bergen have traveled to Kenya to provide aid and work on many community projects.

John and Eloise Bergen have written a book about their experience in Kenya that led to the founding of Bergen’s Mission. They have also spoken at many churches about their mission to help meet the needs of the region. Bergen’s Mission has received considerable attention over the past few years for its story, raising awareness about opportunities to help Kenya’s orphans and orphanages.

The story of Bergen’s Mission has been featured in many newspapers, such as Canadian Christianity. Additionally, the story has received coverage by CBC, NBC, Listen Up TV, and more. To learn more about Bergen’s Mission, visit


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About the Author: Darcy Bergen is the President of Bergen’s Mission. He is also a Certified Retirement Financial Advisor, with offices in Peoria and Scottsdale, Arizona. Darcy Bergen has been featured on radio shows such as Smart Money and Senior Money Matters, as well as on The Money Doctor on television. He also speaks at monthly Senior Money financial workshops, focusing on the importance of financial planning for senior citizens and retirees. Darcy Bergen is passionate about advising clients on a variety of topics, including wealth preservation and protection, annuities, and wills and trusts.